Merry Christmas All!

I would normally at this point say, ‘so here ends a long December’ (or something to that effect), but not this year. I have had musically an amazing Christmas this year. Panto, concert, carols, Panto, carols, more panto, more carols etc. It’s been a little crazy. But a lot of fun. The month started with St. Faith’s Players new venture into Waterman’s Theatre for their annual pantomime, then I did a concert with about 60 people coming to see me perform + many others on Facebook live stream, then it’s been carols galore – Ascension Friends, St. Mary’s, Twyford, Ascension, then it’s been and still is Pantomime at Questor’s Theatre. I feel so grateful for the many opportunities I’ve had this year and thank God for continued abundance. 2018’s diary is slowly starting to fill up. Please do keep an eye on what I’m doing, it would be great to see you all. I’m trying to update the pages on my site as and when I have a new booking or finish a previous one.

I really do thank you all for your continued support in my musical career.

Merry Christmas to you all and a very Happy New Year!

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