Grease IS the Word

Once again, Grease became the word. 6 years ago, I MD’d this show for the first time, and I have never forgotten it since. It will always be my favourite show of all time, and I got the opportunity this year to MD it once more (and possibly another 2 times in the near future). The students at William Perkin and Ada Lovelace C of E High School absolutely rocked Greenford tonight. I have not heard roaring applause like that since the last time I did it (and I’ve heard a lot of roaring applauses over the years). I finish every warm up shouting the phrase ‘RAISE THE ROOF’ which by the last day they’re all shouting it with me, and my word did the roof come off this week. I am so proud of each and every one of those students. It is not an easy show to put on. They made it their own and owned the stage. I had a bunch of musicians who I’ve worked with time and again and we have the greatest time making music together and I can’t thank them enough for this week. I really hope that all those students will go on to continue in the arts in one form or another as I’ve seen so much potential on that stage this week. I just wish we could do it once more, but hopefully in the future we can do more. Thank you so much for a great few months everyone and an outstanding week. I’ll miss you all. (Back to normality now, this will be tough)

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