Future events

(All events posted on here are open for anyone to come and watch. Just ask me or check the various companies website/Facebook pages for further information)

Due to the Corona Virus, many of my bookings were being postponed or cancelled. My diary did look a lot fuller, but as you can understand it’s thinner out. It’s slowly filling up once more, and hopefully this pandemic is under enough control now that it can continue that way. Anything below is on unless I’m further informed.

Wednesday 12th – Saturday 15th October 2022 – Iolanthe with HLO Musical Company at Hampton Hill Theatre at 7:45pm (plus 2:30pm Saturday Matinee)

What can I say? You’ve seen The Mikado! You’ve seen Trial By Jury (twice)! You’ve seen Ruddigore! You’ve seen The Pirates of Penzance (some of you twice)! If you haven’t, you’ve missed a treat and this is your opportunity to make up for lost time. I am once again alongside musically directing this show, venturing to create a one man orchestration of this operetta for my electronic organ and will be premiering it alongside HLO Musical Company this autumn. It will be a long summer of arranging, but it will be worth it when I come to perform it. If you come to only one thing I do this year (please do come to more than one), come to this. You won’t be disappointed. It’s a great, light & funny operetta and this company always gives an outstanding performance of Gilbert & Sullivan’s work. I hope to see you all there. Contact me or the theatre for ticket info.

Thursday 3rd November 2022 at 7:30pm – Lee Dewsnap in Concert at Weston Organ & Keyboard Club

This is a rebooking after the pandemic caused it to be cancelled. Another new location for me to take my music to. If this is your area, then please do pop by and hear my wide variety of musical styles played on a wide variety of musical instruments.

Christmas 2022

I will be doing a variety of things over the Christmas season as ever. I usually play a good number of Carol Services in different places over the month, so if you want to come and feel festive, I’ll update this nearer December with more details about where I’ll be playing.

Friday 24th February 2023 at 2pm – Lee Dewsnap in Concert at Sheppey Keyboard Sounds

Another new venue for me. If this is close to you please do come along for an afternoons entertainment of musical variety on the organ and piano.

Wednesday 24th – Thursday 25th May 2023 – High School Musical at Ealing Fields High School

After a very successful performance of Annie last year as the first production at Ealing Fields new site, I’m very much looking forward to working alongside Head of Music and Musical Director Florence Glanfield again as we put on this years show. It’s the first time I’ve done this show, but having sat at the piano and played some of it, I can tell it’s definitely a Lee show. A musical I can really get my teeth (fingers) into and get a lot of pleasure and fun out of it. If you’d like to come and see it, please check the schools website in the weeks leading up to it for more details.

Monday 7th August 2023 at 7:30pm – Lee Dewsnap in Concert at Cheadle & District Organ Society

A rebooking after Covid unfortunately cancelled the first one. This is another new area for me to perform in. If it’s near you, please do come along as I take the organ and piano and bring an evening of music of various styles to an audience in this area.

Wednesday 8th November 2023 – Lee Dewsnap in Concert at Clacton Keyboard Music Club at 7:30pm

I played this club in January 2020, one of my last concerts before lockdown. It’s a lovely venue with very friendly and welcoming people and a joy to perform at. If this is your area, please do come along and support me on my return visit as I bring more variety of musical styles on my variety of keyboard instruments to them.

Lockdown work

Thought I’d add here what I’m doing and have been doing in lockdown.

The two main things are recordings for my church and recordings for HLO Musical Company. Both are on Zoom and if you are interested in finding out more about what I’ve been producing, please do contact me for more information or you can request a Zoom link for either, and see for yourself first hand what’s happening musically.