Future events

(All events posted on here are open for anyone to come and watch. Just ask me or check the various companies website/Facebook pages for further information)

Thursday 20th June 2019 – Time TBC

Lee Dewsnap in Concert at East Herts Modern Organ Club

This will be a nice concert as it’s nice and local to me, which means on the day I can focus most on the music, rather than travel plans. As always, if you happen to be local to here, do come along and watch, it would be great to see you.

Saturday 22nd June 2019 – 7pm

Live at the Ascension 7 at Church of the Ascension HALL, Beaufort Road, Ealing, W5 3EB

Round 7. This evening is one of the most fun musical events I am part of in the year. We at my church put on an evening of musical entertainment of almost most styles you could think of. This evening is special to me, because it brings together all of my musical friends and we all get to show off our musical talents to the fullest. Every year it has improved, and I highly recommend coming along. Please contact me for more details.

3rd – 5th July 2019 – Into The Woods – Twyford C of E High School

This year’s production is finally chosen and what a show. Stephen Sondheim’s Into The Woods. This will certainly be my biggest challenge yet. Sondheim’s music is uniquely tricky and will certainly put me (and everyone involved) through their paces. This will be my 10th production I will be involved in at the school and I’m looking forward to seeing this amazing show we’ll be putting on at this music specialist school, after last years incredible production of School of Rock which had a revolving stage for the first time ever. If you look at my past events, you will see what has been done in the past 9 years and get an idea of the level of quality this school produces just by what shows they not only take on, but succeed in putting on. This is never to be missed, but sells out fast when the tickets go on sale, so if you’re interested, please tell me before June I’d say, to make sure I get your ticket reservation in as soon as they are released.

30th October – 2nd November 2019

Pirates of Penzance at Hampton Hill Theatre – Hounslow Light Operatic Company

What can I say at this stage? The name says it all. It’s one of the 2 most popular G & S operettas and my first one I was in as a teenager. I am planning on doing another 1 man orchestration on the organ for this, and if you’ve been before and witnessed this, you’ll know it’s worth your time. I will put more information nearer the time, so watch this space.

Tuesday 26th November at 7:30pm – Lee Dewsnap in Concert at Thanet Electronic Organ & Keyboard Club

My next concert is lined up. This will include some Christmas music. If you’re in this area, please do come along and support me.

December 2019 – Various Christmas services and events. Further details to follow

Sunday 1st December at 7pm – Lee Dewsnap in Concert at Church Of The Ascension, Beaufort Road, Ealing, W5 3EB

I try every 2 years to do a concert at my church. Last time, it was a great evening with amazing singing from the audience. I’m looking forward to hearing that again. This being my home, it’s one that all friends and acquaintances come to support me. I really appreciate the support I get from everyone. It’s also great, because it’s the one and only concert that I don’t need a roadie to help me move my organ, as it lives at the church. If you are able to come, I can guarantee a night of enjoyment with a great variety of music including Christmas favourites to start the season of Advent with. Hope to see you there.

Saturday 14th December at 7pm – Lee Dewsnap in Concert at St. George’s Church, Owlsmoor, Sandhurst, GU47 0SS

This is another concert close to my heart as this is my actual home church where I grew up, rather than my home church where I currently live. I played a concert for them in 2016 and we’ve been trying to find a suitable time for me to return. Every so often, I go back for a church service and tease them by asking the organist if I can play the voluntary at the end of the service. Hopefully this will wet people’s appetite enough to encourage them to come along and support me. Last time there was over 100 people there, so fingers crossed for this time.

Wednesday 8th January 2020 at 7:30pm – Lee Dewsnap in Concert at Clacton Keyboard Music Club

First concert of 2020. If you’re in the area, please do come along and watch a concert of varying styles and instruments.

Friday 28th February 2020 at 7:30pm – Lee Dewsnap in Concert at Crawley Keyboard Club

You know the drill by now hopefully, but incase you don’t know, as you may be reading this on the day, this is my next concert. I’ll be playing a variety of styles on my electronic organ and portable grand piano. I’ll be performing a variety of styles including but not limited to, big band, classical & musical theatre. If you are close to this area and would like to come and support me, please do contact me for more details.

Tuesday 21st April 2020 at 7:30pm – Lee Dewsnap in Concert at Bedworth Organ Society

Next concert in the line up. If this is your area, please do come along. I’ll be playing my usual varying styles on my various instruments.

Tuesday 14th July 2020 at 7pm – Lee Dewsnap in Concert at Lowestoft and District Organ and Keyboard Club

This concert is a bit special to me, as I’m returning to close to where I played in an organ competition at 9 years old as a tiny boy who had to stand to play as I couldn’t reach the pedals. If you’re in this area, please come along and hear me playing varying styles on various keyboard instruments for a fun evening of musical entertainment.

Wednesday 11th November 2020 – 7:50pm – Lee Dewsnap in Concert at East London and Essex Electronic Keyboard Club

Currently my second repeat venue I’ll be playing, the first on the organ circuit though. I’m looking forward to playing for my home club which I’m a member of, once again. If you’re in the area, please come along as I can guarantee a warm welcome from this club and a good evening.

Friday 18th December 2020 – 7:15pm

Lee Dewsnap in Concert at Burgess Hill Keyboard Club

After a successful concert in January 2019, I’ve been asked back to do another concert, this time specifically requested by members to come at Christmas, to show them more of what I can offer, plus Christmas music. This will be enjoyable if the first visit is anything to go by. Please do drop in for an evening of musical variety if this is near you. Please contact me for further details.

Tuesday 16th March 2021 at Bideford Keyboard & Organ Club

Nice to have a booking this far ahead. This was booked in June 2019, and is a joint booking with Plymouth the following day. This will be my usual selection of styles performed on my variety of keyboard instruments. If this is local to you, it will be great to see you. Ask me for further details.

Wednesday 17th March 2021 at Plymouth Broadway Organ and Keyboard Club

This is my next concert. Another long distance one for me. I will playing my usual variety of musical styles on my usual selection of keyboard instruments. If this is your area that you live in and fancy coming along, please contact me for more details, I’d love to see you there. This was originally September 2020, but has been re-booked so I can play at Bideford also on the previous day.